Calendar Page Overview:

This is the Calendar page. It displays events for the month. Past days are shaded, and current and future days are white. Below the calendar are the details of the events for the month.

Viewing and Navigating the Calendar page

Click the << Month << and >> Month >> links at the upper left and right to move forward or back a month at a time, or use the Jump To pulldowns to jump to a particular month and year. Clicking an event title on the calendar jumps down to the event in the list details below the calendar. Clicking the 'Return to Calendar' link jumps back to the calendar (this is only evident when you have more events for the month than will fit on the page).

Events in the past will appear in collapsed form below the calendar to take less space. You can expand the details for past events by clicking the + icon next to the event, and collapse it again by clicking the - icon. This allows you to see the details of past events without obstructing your view of current and future events.

Editing the Calendar page

You can add an event by clicking the "Add New Event Announcement" button to fill in the details of the event. Be sure to add a start date and start and end times where appropriate, and check the 'Display in Calendar' checkbox to make sure the event shows up in the calendar. You can also add an 'Expiration' date if you want the event to disappear from the calendar after a certain date. You can also use the 'Repeat Annually' radio button for events which occur on the same date each year.

You can Edit an existing event by clicking the 'Edit Listing' icon in the event detail area.

Administration of the Calendar page

There are no additional administration tasks for this page, beyond the editing instructions above.

Further Help

In addition to context-sensitive help on each page, you can click the Email link on the lower left corner of each page to email the Association about Association issues.

You can also contact CondoConduit Web Support for help on web site issues or login problems by clicking the 'Web Site Support' link on the lower right corner of each page.